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LDW Translations

Clear communication is the backbone of our increasingly globalized world. Vague and inaccurate correspondence can lead to loss of time, money, sales, and even business partners. Whether you want to expand your markets into the anglophone world, reach out to immigrant populations in your community, or launch an international human rights campaign, miscommunication is undesirable – what you want is an accurate, unambiguous translation: a flowing reflection of the source text.

From internal communication to global publicity campaigns, from pamphlets to novels, LDW Translations has the knowledge and skills to suit your needs.

A bit about me

I fell in love with words at an early age. Then I fell in love with my own language. And then I fell in love with Spanish. I’ve always been passionate about everything to do with the spoken and written word. So I’ve followed that love – in books and studies, across counties and oceans, as well as through friendships. Studying, traveling, and living in Spain, Chile, and Argentina pushed my knowledge of the Spanish “language” far beyond that of grammar and syntax. Indeed, I was able to gain much more than books can teach us, more than I learned while studying Hispanic literature at university. More recently, I obtained a certificate in translation from UMass Boston, where I studied an intensive and specific program meant to train language professionals in Sp>Eng>Sp translation. My travels, my passion for literature, and my many connections to the Hispanic world mean that I’m knowledgeable and sensitive in my work.

But these are merely prerequisites to being a good translator. In the end translation is about good writing. Having been successful and officially recognized in the academic community, my writing and editing are concise, flowing, and accurate. I even spend my spare time in the company of essays and novels of the highest quality, and am myself an amateur poet.

A quality translation is not simply a word for word affair. Instead it is the communication of ideas, the transposition of culture, and the road to a mutual understanding between cultures, organizations, governments, and businesses. High quality translation is my passion!

But don’t take my word for it! Contact me now for more information, quotes, and availability.

Qualifications and awards:

University of Massachusetts Boston, Undergraduate Certificate in Translation Studies (2013)

Trent University, Peterborough, ON, Honours BA Hispanic Studies and History (Joint major)

First Class honours 2009, 2013

Winner, NACBS National Essay Competition 2009


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